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    CALifornia Consulting Engineering and Technology Company (CALCET Company) is a small business enterprise started in 1991. CALCET Company began as a group of individuals who had worked together for several years either for the same company or on the same projects for different companies. CALCET Company evolved from those professional working relationships.  CALCET Company is a company dedicated to total client satisfaction. We strive to maximize this goal through value-added engineering and validation using senior level hands-on engineers. Our project teams have the flexibility to perform multiple tasks on time and within budget.

    CALCET Company provides a wide range of highly specialized technical services in Engineering and IT solutions, serving the power, petrochemical, bio-pharmaceutical and commercial aerospace industries, both in the continental United States and in Europe. CALCET Company offers services in various engineering disciplines such as Program Management, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Piping Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Process Engineering, Verification & Validation and Information Technology (IT) to major companies in the US and Germany.

      In the Engineering field, we have engineered projects ranging from initial concept and design, through development and testing, to final qualification and validation. The technical expertise available at CALCET Company is integrated smoothly with our extensive industry experience to provide our clients with solutions that are both effective and economical. Our commitment to quality is reflected by: (a) error free work at all times; (b) full understanding of client needs; and (c) a full commitment to meet or exceed client requirements. We pride ourselves in the fact that no client has ever been unsatisfied with our work.  

       In the IT solutions arena, CALCET Company specializes in the Document Management industry and in developing Content Management solutions. We also offer Workflow Management, Business Re-engineering, Client/Server Programming and Database Administration services. For more details, please refer to the IT Services menu.

        CALCET Company operates throughout the Unites States and Europe. The company's main Offices are located in California, US and Wiesbaden, Germany. Please take a moment and explore our web site. If you have questions about our services or want to  require more information, please feel free to contact us by using the "Contact" tab.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and offer flexible options to suit your needs.

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